I placed my first order on a Friday and then I got an email saying that I needed to verify my information. Firstly, he assumed I was a female when I am male, 2nd he didn't ask any information of me at ALL!

He asked for my phone number and said it wasn't on my account. I had called to place the rep put my area code wrong by one number, 3rd the guy had the worse attitude and was like "I find reason to believe you are not who you say you are because my sources show you as 90 years old" and then starts laughing! If you see your "sources," I'm in my late 20s!!! When I called the lady asked for my SS and DOB to see if I qualify for the credit card which was fine so that alone shows my DOB, age, sex, etc.

The guy was beyond rude and was like "well I'm canceling your account and your account is goooonne! Ok?" I have never ever been spoken to the way he spoke to me. I then tell him how did he verify my information when he didn't even ask for anything, and he continued to to say "well, I don't believe you. Your orders canceled and I get the final say and I say no.

So I have nothing more to say to you so have a good day." Then he hung up I me. I am beyond appalled by this! I'm glad I'm not doing service with them. I'm glad I'm getting my money back.

Looking at the reviews, I would have probably got a defective 2nd hand pice of crap anyways. I requested a supervisor to call me so I'm going wait on that and I hope that guy gets fired! Not professional, rude, and awful company all together.

Beware! I'm glad I didnt start with this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Home Shopping Network Customer Care.

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