DO NOT ORDER FROM SHOPPING NETWORK.Co!!! I ordered a package April 21st.

I wrote the company serval times. USPS had the label ready ! They where waiting on the package to start delivery. I have been getting updates from USPS when the package would arrive thru text messages.

I was so excited! Finally my Stuffed Animal baby shark that sings the song Baby Shark was going to reach my 2 year old nephew!!! May 4, 2019 around 8pm. I was given an update it would arrive late at 8pm.

I asked my sister if she got a packages! No she did not! Guess what it was never delivered I don’t have faith my package will ever be delivered! I’m frustrated mad and more !!

Im calling the Better Business Bureau. The company tried to offer me 20% for my next purchase. I told them to take the money for training and learning how to deliver packages. I saw an add for this product on Instagram!!

I’m like cute he will love it!! Target, Walmart sells the same thing. I saw the add bought it!! Scam!!

Stinks!!! The Compavy Scams people! Instagram all their followers! They can’t do their hire someone to see if a company Like Shopping Network .Com is a good company they stink!

I’m calling the Better Business Bureau!

I hope this Company goes out business! Awful

Product or Service Mentioned: Home Shopping Network Shipping Service.

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Still awaiting my order also

Jane P

Worst company !!

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