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Update by user Dec 31, 2019

On December 26 I received the following email from a "Senior Account Supervisor" at HSN, "I have received your e-mail regarding your concerns in regards to your recent interaction with HSN customer service agents via phone,email & chat. Thank you for taking the time to share your views with us.

I am sorry to hear your experiences were not pleasant, HSN is proud to be accepting of people with differing views and opinions. This is true of our customer base, and certainly the brands and personalities we bring to our wonderful customers.I understand the importance of your concern and appreciate that you have shared it with us. Your concern has been forwarded to the appropriate department and will be reviewed thoroughly. Feedback such as yours contribute to the overall success of our company.

I encourage you to continue sharing your ideas with us in the future.".There is not much which is more irksome than a company labeling a legitimate complaint as "feedback" because they have no intentions of addressing it. So I sent the following in response to set them straight, "Hello and thank you for your response!There must be some confusion because I have no concerns, I was not providing my views and I certainly was not providing feedback. All of which amount to information that will be tossed in "the round file". What I have in fact been doing is stating dissatisfaction in ordering a new product that HSN either misrepresented or mistakenly provided a used product, not once but twice.

The first of which HSN hid behind an "one exchange per order policy", which is not disclosed to consumers, to avoid taking responsibility. Thereby forcing the consumer to correct HSN's mistake by placing another order, unnecessarily tying up additional funds and again receiving a used product. This time HSN has no "policy" to hide behind, instead gives the consumer an "it is your problem" attitude, and chooses to not offer a replacement and/or refund. Twice my father has paid for a new product and received a used product, which would otherwise sell for much less.

Once is an accident, twice is a pattern and if I can tell they were used/previously returned then this was intentional because I damn well know a HSN employee could tell.The last email I received stated, "Our normal procedure is for returns to be sent to our stores to be sold at a significant reduction in cost". As such, I expect my father to be refunded the difference in price for the second order, plus additional compensation for this occuring twice and Customer Service doing absolutely nothing either time.

That is acceptable, expected and proper of HSN given the circumstances. Whereas coupons, store credit etc is not.Thank you for your time and I look forward to your reply!".

Update by user Dec 25, 2019

As of December 22 I received an email from HSN Customer Service with the usual apology, and claims that our business is "important" to HSN. I might as well change my name to chimney with as much smoke as they have tried to blow up my butt!

However, for the first time there was an "attempt" to make things right.

I say attempt because all they did was add $50 Spendable Kash (aka; store credit) to my account as though I would ever buy anything from them again. Apparently forcing customers to make additional purchases is how they "fix" their mistakes.

Original review posted by user Dec 15, 2019

On 11/22/2019 I ordered a Shark Vacuum from HSN, which was the Today's Deal priced at $199.99, and I had a coupon code for $15.00 off. Since my current vacuum is not doing so well I thought I would take advantage of what I thought was a great deal, especially when offered Flex Payments of about $33/mo.

So I added the vacuum to my cart, proceeded to checkout, filled out all the information and entered my coupon code. After a quick once over I submitted my order, at which point the page reloaded, said my order had been received but the total was a different amount than it was prior to submitting the order. I quickly realized my coupon code had been removed and immediately contacted Customer Service. First I was told they could apply it, then I was told they could not due to my having selected the Flex Payments.

I was then instructed to wait a couple days and contact them back for a refund. I told them I would not do that, my code had been accepted and the amount adjusted when I had already selected Flex Pay. It was not until the order was submitted that the coupon was removed resulting in an overcharge and I expected it to be refunded immediately. Well, that fell on deaf ears, so I waited a short time and contacted them again.

This time I was told I would have to wait until I received the order to have the amount refunded. So I sent Customer Service an email having a fit that I was overcharged and being told I would have to wait to be refunded.

In the meantime, they had a pair of BearPaw Suede Sheepskin Boots I just loved and could desperately use for winter. So my dad gave me his credit card and told me to order them for myself, and they could be a Birthday/Christmas gift. This time I made sure to take plenty of screenshots just in case!

I added the boots, Size 7 Wide in Wine then went to checkout and ended up getting lucky as I was able to use two coupons and save $25.00. I submitted the order and it went through perfectly.

The following week I received my vacuum, which was fair heavier than I had expected, and almost as tall as myself! I unpacked it, put it together then proceeded to get the information together to register it with Shark. That is when things got very weird.

I had difficulties registering it because the model number could not be found on their website. I then looked through the booklet which came with it which had a number of accessories and replacement parts listed. So I began looking them up on the Shark website only to discover the parts were there, but any given part required a model to be selected and this particular model was not listed for ANY of the parts. At that point I did a number of Google searches and much to my surprise, I could not find the same model vacuum anywhere.

I did find a Google Cached web page for the model which was on the Shark website only a day or two prior to it airing on HSN, but that was literally the only thing I could find anywhere. I even tried calling Shark, but they could locate no information on it either. Since it was obvious that I would not be able to get replacement parts for it, since according to Shark the model did not exist, I decided I was going to return it and go with another vacuum instead. But I did immediately return to HSN and leave a review, which I just went back to look at this past week and it was followed by more than a DOZEN reviews just like it.

I also should mention they provide a second rate shipper, UPS Mail Innovations who are absolutely terrible. When I returned the vacuum it was lost almost instantly, and HSN's answer was "just wait". So I had to do the work of getting someone to locate the package, which it thankfully was. But to this day it still is not in, what HSN calls "Easy Returns".

Right behind the vacuum, my BearPaw boots delivered, which were very nice, but I was surprised to see the color Wine was not a reddish-purple like I thought it would be, but rather a deep (ugly) purple more along the lines of eggplant.

I also discovered that HSN advertised them as having been treated and water resistant, but according to the manufacturer tag they were treated and stain resistant, not water resistant. So I contacted Customer Service, who believe it or not first told me to"try pouring water over them, and then agreed to waive return shipping. After thinking about it, I decided to exchange them for a different color instead but was heartbroken to see they were out of stock in black. I contacted Customer Service again to find out how to go about making an exchange, as well as to ask if the black would come back in stock.

I was told I could add them to my favorites and be alerted when they returned to stock, but I informed her they were in my favorites, and I was not even alerted that they were out of stock. So I had Hickory, which was a light brown to choose from or Blue which reminded me of denim. I was not exactly thrilled about it, but decided to go with Hickory because I sure did not want stuck with the ugly eggplant purple I already had. So I return the boots with the slip to make an exchange, and the replacements delivered a week ago.

As soon as I opened the shipping box the first thing I saw was the BearPaw shoe box which had a rubber band wrapped around it, then upon taking it out I saw the corners of the lid were torn and the front smashed but the shipping box itself was not damaged. I proceeded to open the shoe box, pulled out one of the boots they had wrapped in plastic and as soon as I unwrapped it a smell hit me that about took my breath away. I still have no idea what it was but it smelled like wet, moldy and musty leather. Immediately I noticed, unlike the first pair I received, this boot was untied with the manufacturer tag nowhere to be found and scuff marks on it.

It was more than obvious the boots had been sent to someone else who had returned them and then sent to me.

I contacted Customer Service the next morning and initially it seemed to be going as I expected. I had asked, since I obviously will need to return them for new ones anyway, would it be possible to get them in black instead since they are back in stock. I was told there is only one exchange per order allowed, which was news to me, but given the circumstances she would allow it. She put me on hold to get this taken care of, then came back to speak with my dad since he had ordered them and needed to give authorization.

He hands the phone back, at which point the woman tells me, BearPaw is offering a 3-Pack of socks or hat and scarf, and asks if I would care to add either one or both. But the way in which she said and phrased it VERY much came across as though she were saying it was being offered for my troubles with the order. So I pointed out the order is on my dads credit card, so I did not know why she was asking me about it anyway, and I proceeded to ask how much. She quickly rattled off prices that made me laugh out loud because they were just absurd, and I could not believe that given the situation she had outright tried to con me.

Next thing I know she asks if the replacement boots will be on Flex Payments, and I was thrown through a loop. I said no, remember they are an exchange for the used ones I was sent. She then proceeds to tell me I am only allowed one exchange per order and I had just received that exchange.

Since then, I have spoken to at least a half dozen people in Customer Service, as well as a woman who may or may not have been a supervisor I requested to speak to that blatantly lied to me claiming two orders had been sent, and they had received neither back and I knew for a fact the original order was received by them almost a week prior to this.

In the end HSN flat out refused to replace the USED/previously returned boots they sent me for new boots, which was what was ordered and paid for. They repeatedly hid behind a one exchange per order policy which is not disclosed anywhere on their website, in paperwork...nothing.

At one point I was told, it does not matter if you receive the wrong color, size, product or do not receive it at all, our system recognizes it as an exchange and there is no way to override that as it is built into the system. So my dad order and paid for new boots, whereas Han sent used boots and I do no believe it was an accident since it is as obvious as the nose on someones face just by looking at the OUTSIDE of the shoe box. Being the nice guy he is, my dad went with the only feasible option he was provided and made a second order since the color I wanted, which I was initially told I would be sent, had gone out of stock twice already, and was wait listed once. So he tied up another $45.00 just to make sure I got the ones I wanted, since HSN refused to fix the mistake they made.

The new order was supposed to have shipped within 24-48 hours, which was Friday at the latest but has been sitting with a status of Packaging.

So now, after HSN has forced my dad into ordering TWO pairs, they are holding the new pair hostage while they wait to get the used pair they sent back. So while they were supposed to be delivered back to HSN today, they now will not deliver until Monday and I would be willing to bet when they do, the second order my dad placed to fix HSN's mistake will finally be shipped.

Overall, I have had more than my fair share of bad experiences with stores, websites etc. that have questionable ethics and HSN is definitely in the top three worst businesses I have ever dealt with. I never did figure out what mystery Shark vacuum they were selling, but it was more than a little sketchy and very much seemed to be a scam of some sort.

As far as what HSN has done with the boots my dad purchased, I cannot imagine sticking a customer with used boots is entirely legal but it is entirely as disgusting as they are a business. Never again will I do business with HSN, who in my opinion are nothing more than cons and crooks hiding behind a business name.

The only thing worse is the people they have working in Customer Service, who I have zero respect for because they are literally paid to make up excuses to avoid doing what is right. If you are still unsure about shopping with HSN, stop by their website and visit the HSN Community where I have seen a great many complaints from buyers and that says a little something since those are directly on the HSN website.

Reason of review: Sent used product, refused replacement, force additional order to correct their mistake, unnecessarily withheld additional order, terrible customer service, argue policies otherwise concealed from customers, blatantly lied to by supervisor.

Preferred solution: I feel it only fair that both my father and I be compensated for the hassles experience, as well as for my father having to tie up funds on two orders to correct HSN's mistake. Therefore I feel they should pay for his order totaling $44.64 in full..

Home Shopping Network Pros: Flex-pay.

Home Shopping Network Cons: Misleading practice, Horrible customer service, Product not as described, Sent used product, Refused replacement.

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So glad I read your review. I’ll definitely not be ordering from this place.


These days who has the $$$$$ to spend on unnecessary things?? Certainly not me!!

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