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My daughter and I each purchased a Everly Brothers portrait from HSN and sent once in a lifetime photos in to be retouched, etc. Each size was expensive.

The portrait company went out of business, we never got the portraits , HSN refused to give us our money back and worst of all, we never got our precious photos back! We didn't receive notice the portrait scam studio was going out of business. It was a second hand scam that HSN received money for but no responsibility for any of it. SCAM.

Now I hear that same portrait studio is under another name . We are both sick from losing our photographs not to mention money.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Location: Mount Laurel, New Jersey

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I also had the same experience with the Everly portrait, however I'm not giving up without a fight! I plan to contact the BBB, the ICC and go to small claims court if necessary.

Shame on HSN for not taking responsibility for their products. They agree that I paid for the product and did not receive it, but they refuse to give my money back.

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