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8/16/18 at 11:47am PST Called after seeing Coleen Lopez in cute tunic top 617-462. C/S person was fabulous and helped me find the item.

She was wonderful she even helped me figure out the color and size. I placed my order and it was confirmed. I continued to watch the show and at least a half an hour later they sold the blouse. They said they had all three colors available.

Then it sold out. I thought good thing I put my order in when I did. I was so happy with my order. Then got phone call 9:17 st 2;15pm PST message saying I may or may not get my order and if I don’t I will get a $5 coupon.

Now I feel terrible. I had my order in before it sold out!!! I called C/S around 2:30pm on 9/17/18 and told them my story. They said they could do nothing about it if my order was cancelled.

They offered a $5 coupon.

So bummer. Terrible experience not sure I will order from HSN again.

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