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On March 14, 2022, I ordered a daily special from HSN at a special price. The order was confirmed and an email was sent confirming it.

Then on Friday, March 18, 2022, at 7:21 pm, I received an email informing me my order was cancelled with no explanation given. Approximately 5 minutes later another Email was received marked fraud verification. Giving instructions to follow to keep order from being cancel. On Saturday, March 19, I called the security division of HSN to question what was going on.

I called approximately 10 times. Was told to wait for the next representative three times and then hung up on. I was told to leave a voicemail and then told the voicemail box was full. I was told to leave an SMS message and then got a lot of gibberish.

Finally on the 10th call someone answered, Man named Ron. He had first told me that there was no account with my number. I gave him the order number and he said oh yes that one had been canceled. Explain the circumstances and that I received two emails after they closed at 4:30 on Friday evening.

I said unfortunately once an order has been canceled it cannot be renewed and I could re-order at the regular full price.

You can guess what I told him. This is a very despicable way to treat customers.

User's recommendation: Would not recommend ordering from them ever.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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