I have been shopping with HSN for a year now. I felt I could trust them because the host would tell me that if we ever needed to return an item, just use UPS pre-paid slip and shipping is free?

Yeah right! I just learned that they deduct your refund to pay off the pre-paid label! What a joke, and not only that UPS lost a package and now HSN will not refund me my lost package! and I have called both UPS and HSN about this matter, three times with HSN.com!

Why do so many people shop with HSN if they lie about what they promise?

Why is it they make you pay for shipping the item out and another for returning it? I am pissed, HSN!

Monetary Loss: $103.

Location: Sacramento, California

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this must be an hsn site. they will ship to you whether or not you order. shame


i have also shopped for 15 years with hsn, and their customer service has declined greatly. i no longer buy from them as a result.

pre paid shipping is not free, and almost always more exspensive than taking to post office yourself. for example, their prepaid label costs 6.50, whereas for like a ring, post office would be prob.

2-3 dollars. i almost never use the pre paid shipping label.


The original poster is telling the absolute truth! I returned a watch with the pre-paid/pre-printed slip and HSN said they never recieved it and refuses to refund me.

I have no watch - yet I have paid for a watch plus shipping. If I file the complaint with the credit card company that I used to purchase the watch, they threatened to bar me from future purchases. I thought about it and filed the complaint with my credit card company - at least I got my money back that way.

And why on earth would I care if I'm barred from future purchases?? Why would I ever want to do business with theives again???


This complaint is simply not true. I have been shopping at HSN for 15 years.

Returns to HSN get fully refunded including initial shipping cost. Return(s) are charged shipping only if there is no problem with the product or service.

I can return my order for any reason within 30 days after I receive it. If the product is not damaged or defective return is charged a flat fee of $6.95 ($8.95 if over 5 lbs.) but if damaged, defective, or otherwise the fault of HSN, call HSN and the return shipping cost is not charged.

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