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I won a computer for the birthday celabration through gateway JOE. there was a slight confusion and there was two people on the testimonial line at one time.

I was told by gateway joe that I won a computer that they were giving away for HSN birthday celabration. He realised there were two people on the line and said that both of us won a computer. I even called back to confirm that I won the computer and they said yes. I called the next day to verify this and they said YES it was in the computer all the info So I ordeered the case and router to go with the computer.

The computer never came so weeks later I called HSN.and it took weeks for them to look into the matter.Finally after over a month HSN says there is no record of it.

.There were only 5 winner and I was not one of them.LIARS LIARS LIARS HSN has lost a verry good customer. P.Carroll

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HSN worst customer service have a problem , it’s just to bad for the customer!!!!


HSN worst customer service ever! I ordered a item and had it to ship to my PO box, I received a email stating they couldn't mail any longer to my PO box so I then called customer service to have the item sent to my address.

The customer service rep was snotty and just not helpful, so I demanded to talk to the supervisor to get the item shipped to the correct address. I went on line once I saw the email that it shipped, they shipped it to a address I hadn't live at for 6 months. Even though I talked to the supervisor who said she would take care of getting it to my new address, I did the updated address and phone number change on the web site but when I moved, but didn't seem to matter still shipped to old address. Then when I called to say that they shipped it to the wrong address they said they would refund the item and resend one.

HSN did, but little did I know that later they try to rebill the item that they shipped to the wrong address. Then when you refuse they tried to rebill me again, I refused to pay for the item I did not receive, the best part is they left it on the back porch without requiring a signature for the video game I ordered. Yep! They just assume that I would give in to pay and when I didn't since I did not make the mistake they did, they have put a hold on my account to make me pay.

I have talked to another customer service rep Tesha just yesterday, I told what the problem was and her attitude was she wasn't going to argue about the lost game, and that I needed to pay, I told her to put her supervisor on and she refused to I told her I would call back and get another rep and have them connect me to the supervisor. The supervisor got on and did call UPS while I was on hold to see that they did ship the item to the wrong address. Do you think she would admit HSN made a mistake and for the poor customer serive. *** NO!

So don't order anything thru them.

Apparently the cosumer are the ones punished for there mistakes. Unfair company, Lousy customer serive reps...


I am very disusted at the show on qvc

i don't think they care about the shoppers. Its annoying to watch.


Hsn is talking in secret code about a

guy named matthew patterson. Dish network channel 222 please watch and email me at pamelacamp022@***.com with your complaints

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