They were showing a 4100 amp generator for $599 ($100 off regular price., plus a break on the shipping fee for$20.00. Such a deal!!!!

All we had to do is get a 25 foot extention cord and plug it in.

Obviously the generator had to be out doors.

What thwy lwft out was that dor safwty sake you needed to have a housw 5hat had a apecial kind of unit that when thw generator is on and your electricity is restored there could

Be disastrous results for a lineman working on power lines in our area. This item would cost $1000 to install in our home. Therefore I wanted to return the generator. HSN said they would not be responsible for return costs.

It ended up costong me $198.00 to ship that darn thing back.

Nothing was ever said about returns or any other issues a customer might have if purchasing this item.

HSN (and QVC since they own HSN now) have lost this customer forever for this inexcusible failure to share the truth with customers. BUYER BEWARE OF WITH HELD INFORMATION!

Location: Homosassa, Florida

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