Everything goes along smoothly until something needs to be returned to them and then it all blows up in your face.

The worst example that I have is that I purchased the following item:

Sultra After Hours Collection ThermaLite Dryer Brush

ITEM 121-****

Price: $149.00

It was much larger than expected and since I have very short hair, this product just wouldn't work for me so I returned it to them (in the same HSN box that they used to send it to me). I really didn't think much about it until several months later when the Dryer Brush was returned to me telling me that they couldn't identify the product and that it was not something they could have sold to me.

They thought I had probably bought it from QVC. Problem there was that I have never even shopped QVC - much less bought something from them. I can also point out the exact item listed on their website as having been sold to me. I called HSN immediately and they kept trying to make excuses, etc.

but never (not even now 2 months later) were able to give me any kind of explanation as to how they could have done something like this. They told me they would send me a return mailing label since I had already paid to have it sent back. It took approximately 3 more calls to them to FINALLY send me the return label.

I continue to have problems with returns to them and I get nothing but the run around.

I can't bring myself to believe anything they tell me because of the situation described above with the Dryer Brush.

Beware. They've got me tied up in so much nonsense and there is no way I can pay my way out of this mess.

Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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