I am trying to get my Christmas shopping done, and I have to use the t.v. since I fractured my spine in 6 places and am bed ridden.

I have had past issues with identity theft so I only use the phone to place orders. I have in the past had no issues with HSN, however, this year has been a nightmare. Last night I had 5 orders to place and the after one order the girl hung up on me, did not take all my order, did not take my coupon discount, and made me tell her my private information 3 times. She did not believe it was me using my HSN card.

Not only was I insulted, but was frustrated that my order was not completed. I called back today to finish my order only to find out that the girl today would not take my coupon order, and did not finish with my order again. Then she just hung up without giving me my total, and without finishing my order. I am so done with HSN.

It is a real shame because it was so convenient for me at this time. I will not use HSN again since they are not able to hire competent help to answer the phones, and they are so rude and nasty. I feel bad enough as it is, I don't need someone representing HSN being nasty as well.

BTW since she did not take the rest of my order, HSN just lost another $300.00 not that HSN can't afford that small amount, but it was 4 presents for me. I will take my business to QVC or JTV.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

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