I'm NOT happy! I ordered a twiggy woven pink tunic in small, but couldn't fit it.

I wanted to do an exchange and get a smaller size ( xs), but instead of an exchanged they return it and charged me a return shipping. Now, they want to charge me for the return shipping and charge me for another shipping to get the new tunic to me. $10 is not much, but it's not ok. Do not order from them.

They will charge you for return and exchange...QVC is a much better company.

NEVER again. X x x x x x

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #764277

I'm sorry hsn you have lost a paying customer for over ten years , you have always cleaned up your mistake , I don't like that you treat me like I'm just a first time customer , Steve that works in the hospital with all the nurses will let them know of you and for me in the dental will do the same ,

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #764275

Hurts that when you call they back track like they don't know what's going on, I was not the one the phone with you

to smpreston Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #764289

So I miss spell now you make fun of me now

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #764273

I ask for flex pay, they charged my account for the all payment, that cost me with my bank27 dollars . I called them, they put a credit for 24 dollars on a in house put they ask if it wanted to apply ply it for credit for 24 dollars I gave it back and gave them four more dollars on top of all that , let's faking just say. That something that should have cost me 198 dollars cost me at this just there first payment 285 dollars

Chicago, Illinois, United States #739395

This HSN channel "problem" has been happening to me also, but only when I am watching on my HD DVR box. All my other cable converter boxes are just fine and it does not happen with any other channels. this is not a "transmission" problem in any way, that is a lie by Comcast. What we have are is a case of collusion between Comcast and HSN and as a result the Consumer is screwed.

Some how, Comcast's or HSN's very own "Geek Squad's" have figured out a way to temporary disable the Viewer's ability to change channels via their cable box's remote control when ever they enter the channel number for HSN. There is no way is scam can be legal, at the very least it most be breaking some type of Consumer protection law and dare I say , could it be against our constitutional rights? They have taken away our freedom to chose the channels we want. Not that our founding fathers had the foresight to envision the creation of any type of electrical invention when they were writing the constitution.

I do plan on contacting the all levels of government and the contact all regulatory agencies and file my complains...We should all do this, so We can show Comcast and HSN that they can not be allowed to this. Is HSN that desperate for viewers?, that they need to "trap" unsuspecting members of the public, in hopes that they can be brain washed into buying *** that they sale on their channel.

Rapid City, South Dakota, United States #594003

Almost all companies charge for you to return an item. I haven't had trouble with either HSN or QVC.

That being said I don't order very much from either place. I think they are both overpriced.

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