Dear HSN,

I went to purchase a my pillow on HSN and found the following ( below). If HSN has canceled Mike Lindell for his political beliefs and his right to his opinion, I am canceling HSN!

I have been a customer for well over 10 years and will not buy another new item from HSN. Mike Lindell supports our troops, how unpatriotic HSN has become! So very disappointed with HSN! You have lost a loyal customer, as well as my family!


I tried live chat but was unable to. Live chat is not working.


My Pillow Canceled

playboybunny 3 days ago

HSN and QVC caved into Cancel Culture and got rid of Mike Lindell because of his political beliefs. What does that have to do with a great product? Ive been a customer of both companies since day one but no more.

Now I cancel you, my money will be spent elsewhere! Nice way to treat someone who supports our troops.

Location: Castro Valley, California

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