I ordered the kindle package they were advertising on March 9, 2013. I had my put son's address in another state as the mailing address.

Received email conirmation that had order had been received and was due to ship later in March. I checked my acct almost daily and on March 15 to see if it had shipped and they had canceled my order. I called billing and they claimed they left a msg at an old phone number for me to call to confirm my son's address was an approved address. I had updated my phone # on my acct but they apparently hadn't bothered to update their system.

I told the guy I had more than one form of communication listed on my acct & he said they could not email. I told him they could have emailed me to ask me to call them if they didn't want to give reason, they could have sent me some kind of msg on my HSN acct or they should have flagged the address immediately when I was placing the order to let me know they had questions about it. He claimed they don't know if emails are safe and only send out shipping info via email. I told him then they don't know if they are emailing the right person the shipping info if they are going to claim emails are not safe and someone could be watching my house and get my package when it arrives if they don't trust emails.

For all he knows, since I called in on a different phone number than what they had listed, how did he even know he was really talking to me? When I asked him to send product to my house, he claimed it was too late because they had sold my item. How can you sell the item when you announced on March 11 the item was sold out and you didn't cancel my order until the 14th or 15th?

If it was "sold out" on the 11th, then no one could order on the 14th or 15th? The flex pay amt is still showing as pending on my card so they have not refunded me so far.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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