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They have informed me they don't carry warranty, it wasn't in the fine print though

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I purchased a new Dell insperion about 2 months ago about a month ago I noticed my sound was sounding distorted. And that my computer seemed slow.

About 2wks ago I called up dell and they helped me, I thought, by using the internet to connect with my computer. After they were done they says it was fixed abd if I wanted more help I could post over 200.00 for they special service. I didn't and days thank you. Now, here we are 2wks later, still show and still distorted sound.

Ugh! So I contacted HSN and told them all about it and they basically said sorry, your out of luck. That it didn't have any Warrenty from anyone. I told them but I'm still paying it off, they still said I did not buy the extended warranty and they could do anything, after only 2 months, what the *** I am so upset that they sell crap..

Damn. Buyer beware..

Product or Service Mentioned: Dell Laptop.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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What is the manufacturer's published warranty period ? Not HSN.

Dell. "Extended warranties" are extraneous trash and usually not worth the cost of the paper. But the manufacturer does have a stated period in accordance with UCC standards as long as the item was purchased through authorized channels. This needs to be handled correctly, in writing and served via Certified Mail return receipt requested providing you are still within the manufacturer's warranty period.

Waste no more time. Do not call.

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