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My 1st time experience was aweful!!! I’ve never felt so bad with a company before, and treated like a criminal!!

After numerous phone calls, today, I still have no idea about what the problem is or why my order was cancelled and I was blackballed. I was told, that I could not order anything else ever until, the issue is resolved... and again, I don’t know how to resolve a problem, if I don’t know what the problem is. I ordered the computer, which came with a free printer, and free ink cartridges for life, for up to 15 pages or less/ month!

Then I added the carrying case with the free wired mouse and port!! I received an email today, of “confirmation” of the computer order being cancelled! “Confirmation”?!?!? I didn’t cancel the why am I getting a confirmation of the cancellation?!?!

The answer I was given came from someone, who said they were in the fraud department and that they could not varify the information I had given!!

Again, I’m not sure what information! I gave all the info (my info) that they asked for : name, billing address, cell number, Visa card info., shipping info.

The person in the “fraud” department did not varify my card info. shipping, info, email address. When I ordered, I told the young lady, I had to use my hair dresser’s address, because I live in the country and don’t receive mail out here.

I get my mail at a PO Box in town! My Mom who is a longtime ( 10 years or so) customer, has done the same thing, with regards to having things you won’t send to a P.O Box. We live on the same farm property, next door to each other. She told me about HSN and QVC!!

I have successfully ordered and paid on time through flex pay with QVC. My portable air conditioner will be paid off next month, I think! BTW, the air conditioner was more expensive than the computer order that you all cancelled. I don’t understand!?!

I looked at the email again with regard to my order, and found that the case for the computer is still on the way to me.

That’s like pouring salt in the wound. What do I need with the case, now?

On top of that, I was blocked from ordering anything else, for whatever this mysterious reason is!?!?


Being punished for whatever I did!?!?

At a loss for what to do!!!!

LaJonna G. Hughes

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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